Introduction to Permaculture course

I started researching – gardening, sustainability, urban food production – on the web and came across Permaculture West, a volunteer organization in Perth spreading the word about Permaculture, a subject I knew little about but wanted to know more. To be honest, I was a little dubious and thought it might be run by a bunch of hippies and a bit “woo woo”, you know, plant under a full moon, dance naked to get your veggies to grow kinda woo woo. (Thankfully it’s not.) At the very least I thought I’d learn a thing or two about how to make my veggies grow better and enjoy some “me” time. So I signed up for the intro course which was held over a weekend in June at a house in Mt Claremont.

It changed my life.

I never expected the impact it has had on me. I thoroughly enjoyed the course but, more than that, I felt like I had stumbled upon my calling.