The clock is ticking…

It’s August already, the last month of winter and my garden is far from ready for Spring planting. I’m starting to get a little panicky that I’m going to miss the boat. I so want to get organized to ensure I maximize my growing season (and because I’m anal, I admit it.)

All the grass is ripped up now in the beds and jarrah sleepers are being delivered this Saturday. But I start my Permaculture Design Certificate course this Sat so I won’t get a chance to do anything with them. I managed to get some lettuce, beetroot and Grosse Lisse tomato seeds planted into seed trays last week so that’s something I guess. Of course then I left the vents open on the mini greenhouse I bought and the whole tray got flooded in the deluge we’ve been having so who knows if anything will even come up.

I visited Karen McKenzie’s garden (the other presenter of the Intro to Perm course) last Saturday. She gave me some heirloom red and purple carrot seeds which I’m also going to plant as soon as I’m organized. Her garden was great; a work in progress she kept saying but it looked fab to me. Random edible plants everywhere. I love how these Permaculture gardens are deliberately chaotic. Everything is where it is because it works there. Mother Nature decides what will grow where and if it’s suitable, it’ll flourish and if not, it’ll die. Pretty simple really, you just gotta pay attention. Permaculture 101 = Observe and Interact.

Can’t wait for my course to start. Chomping at the bit to learn more. The more I read, the less I feel I know. I’ve got onto a bunch of different FB groups like Perth Edible Gardening and the people seem to know SO much! It’s a little intimidating and daunting but exciting too given how much there is to learn. I’m so ready for it. I feel like my brain has been dormant for a year and is, like my little seeds, ready for sprouting!