Permaculture Design Certificate Week 2

Week 2 was a vast improvement on week 1 I’m happy to say. I was the only one brave enough to give negative feedback at the round table about the first week (only the final session), but not the only one to think it. It went down ok though to their credit. This week we got into the nitty gritty of design, sector planning and plant identification which is all good stuff.

I’ve put myself down for maximum volunteer hours (15) to save money on the course cost but also to get into it, meet people, get my hands dirty and LEARN as much as I can. So I’ve volunteered to write an article for Permaculture West eMag which is dead easy and to help out at the next Permablitz. The rules are, if you do three Permablitzes you qualify to have one at your place. I haven’t been to one before but I hear they can be incredible. 50-80 people converging in one place to build, plant, make a Permaculture garden. I mean I just can’t imagine how much you could get done with that many people and what a massive operation it would be and a huge buzz! I am sooooo keen to get one happening a our place if we do go ahead and put an offer on this block in Mount Helena. It would be awesome!

Anyway, first things first. I am racing ahead of myself in so many ways lately and really just need to take one day at a time. This week should hold some huge news for us. More on that to come…