Serious progress made on the vegie patch today

We HAD to get the jarrah sleepers made into raised garden beds today come rain hail or shine. Well, we got rain alright and this morning my resolve was cracking along with the storm. However, the gods intervened and the rain stopped, clouds disintegrated and we actually got sunshine. Fan-bloody-tastic! Better yet, a girlfriend dropped over unannounced and offered to babysit Henry. Even better! Down to one child we made some serious headway, even though it took longer than anticipated (as always) and the unexpected purchase of a chainsaw.

But the garden beds look brilliant! It’s all taking shape finally and I can now order my organic soil concentrate from the Green Life Soil Co. and get the beds finished ready for planting. I still haven’t received my seeds from Diggers yet but I have 11 varieties of herbs and veg already coming up in seed trays so I’m underway anyway. I’ve also got potatoes going in various different places too.

My snow peas are amazing. We’re pulling at least 15-20 off every second day. The neighbors kids came over this afternoon and one of the little girls asked me: “do peas grow or does the shop deliver them straight from the factory”. Whoa. A purely innocent question from a little kid but it took me a second or two to respond. In answering I took her and her sister over to the snow peas running riot along our mutual fence and we spent the next 15 minutes playing “spot the pea” and pulling them off and popping them straight into our mouths. Gratifyingly, the kids actually ate them and loved them, commenting on how sweet and yummy they were. They then took a handful home to their mum with the request to grow their own. Spread the love and the word. Nice.