Inspiration flowing from unlikely places

I must be tuned into a different channel now as it seems I’m running into inspiration without even looking for it. Kaz and I went to Landsdale Farm School today with the kids. It was a stunning day and we had a great morning.

Henry was stalked by a persistent chicken and completely freaked out, Mitchell doggedly chased chickens, Hugo bleated like a lamb (dead set, exactly the same) and Jaxon finally got up the courage to have a miniature horse-cart ride and loved it. And I discovered their amazing permaculture-esque vegetable gardens. I say Permaculture without really knowing what methodology they were using. However, it was a beautifully designed space using flowing patterns and shapes, beds wildly overflowing with a diversity of weird and wonderful plants including several I’d never heard of, lots of medicinal and heirloom varieties, and incorporating The Hen Hilton (I think it was called), ducks, frog pond and various other elements all nicely working with one another. It was a really lovely space.

I came home to find my first package from Diggers Club. So I put the kids to bed (ah peace!) and planted a few more seeds – tomatoes, nasturtium, nettle, dwarf beans – into seed trays. My place is starting to look like a semi-serious gardener lives there!

My super-duper organic veggie concentrate soil mix will be delivered on Saturday so I’ll be raring to go by next week. By God we’ve spent a lot of money on this garden and it’s not even our own. Madness! Oh well. We had better get a damn good crop off this growing season, hence my mad rush to get stuff in the ground ASAP before it warms up too much.