PDC week 4

We were confronted with the daunting prospect of organizing our own Permablitz this week when we visited the home of a single mum in Hilton who runs her own organic catering business. Shona seems a very worthy candidate for a Permablitz. The backyard of her rented house is a shambles (I mean that in the nicest possible way) and in desperate need of an edible gardening makeover. So we are the Jamie Durie Backyard Blitz team minus the eye candy host and the limitless bank balance and way more sustainably focused. When I asked Shona what her budget was, she said “nothing”. Hmmm, not sure what she thinks we are…miracle workers perhaps? So I really don’t know how this is going to work. Anyhoo, I am just part of the team who will be planning and organizing the day, leading a team of volunteers, etc. I will also be endeavouring to get a bit of press leading up to the event by writing a press release and seeing what I can do to drum up some local support for the project. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing a Permablitz in action and being involved. I hear they can be amazing events.