PDC Week 5 – Brilliant!

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s PDC class.  I finally met Charles Otway in person after chatting with him online on various Permaculture forums. He took a session on seed saving,  climate and bioregional analysis at his home in Innaloo. His garden was the typical ordered chaos of permaculture gardens with which I’m getting familiar. He is a wealth of knowledge and I had to drag myself away from speaking with him at the end. We had lunch at the community gardens down the road where he is playing an instrumental role and got the tour.

Then it was on to Tash and Tod’s place in Hammersley to talk urban food gardens and urban livestock management, i.e. rabbits raised for meat and chooks. Their place was sensational! Tod did most of the talking and was very knowledgeable and eloquent. We toured their garden which was just your average suburban block, no bigger than a 1/4 acre i’d say, but INCREDIBLY productive and efficient while still being a beautiful space in which to live. I was really impressed. I ended up having a great chat with Tash whose brain I also wanted to absorb. They seem like an amazing team, both single-minded and passionate about Permaculture and sustainable living.

I could go on for hours as i’m on such a high after a great day chock full of information and inspiration but i’m also TIRED!