Spring has sprung!

Woohoo, everything is coming up! I have sweetcorn, giant climbing beans, watermelon and sunflowers planted direct from seed now poking their heads up through the ground. Beetroot, carrot, lettuce and tomato seedlings are all transplanted. My capsicum remains stubbornly dormant so i’ve planted a bunch more into seed trays. The eggplant seedlings are still a bit little to transplant yet, as is the silverbeet and basil but they’re getting there.

The bloody white cabbage moths are giving me hell! Rotten things have covered my broccolini in minute green caterpillars so the leaves now look like lacework. It’s shredded my Jalapeno chilli to the brink of death. There are clouds of the things fluttering prettily above my garden and Henry thinks they’re lovely butterflies and doesn’t quite understand why I was cursing them. He asked me: “Don’t you like butterflies Mum?” So i explained the difference between moths and butterflies but he didn’t look convinced. He’s certainly getting an education about gardening at the moment and loving it I think. He happily potters about with me for hours, watering plants with the hose, squashing snails with great delight (or so he tells people, although I doubt he has as that’s one pest I haven’t seen much of, thank goodness).

Hugo is another story and I have to work when he’s asleep as he’s impossible to have in the garden. He wants to be right where i am at all times or otherwise crawls obliviously over my freshly planted seedlings or tugs ferociously at the reticulation lines yelling his head off when he can’t get it loose. Thankfully he’s walking now, albeit drunkenly, so will soon cause a little less damage than a crawler.

Other than my garden, I’ve volunteered on the Permaculture West stall at the Royal Show which is coming up in a few weeks. I’m also planning to volunteer on the committee at the AGM in some marketing/PR capacity too which will be a year-long commitment. Eeek! I haven’t done anything like this before but i figure I better put my money where my mouth is (so to speak) and get involved. If this really is going to be a career move for me in some shape or form then I had better start meeting all the players and learning as much as I can and this will be the best way to do it. Besides, I’ve always talked about volunteering but never got off my bum to do it. So it’s about time I “gave back” to the community a bit. I have always admired people who do but have never been much of a “joiner” myself. Time to get out of my comfort zone…