PDC week 7 – building an earthship

A few too many beers on a rare date night with Jeff the night before put me in a less than energetic mood for a day of hands-on work at Hilton Community Garden building an Earthship chook house. NOT what I needed to be doing in the blazing sun when feeling under the weather. So i was admittedly very lazy and did little to help with pounding clay and sand into recycled tyres… We didn’t get very far progressed before heading off after lunch back to FERN for the afternoon sessions.

An earthship for those of you wondering what the hell i’m talking about is a structure made of recycled materials, usually bottles and tyres, held together with a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water called adobe. It is thermally efficient and requires no heating or cooling, harvests all its own water, recycles grey and black water on site, produces all its own energy and is basically THE most sustainable building you can possibly make.

I don’t do it justice so check out the movie “Garbage Warrior” which is all about the origins of the Earthship and is an absolutely incredible and inspiring movie. As the blurb says:  “The epic story of radical Earthship eco architect Michael Reynolds, and his fight to build off-the-grid self-sufficient communities.”

I can’t say i particularly enjoyed this week’s PDC, probably due to self-induced fatigue but also because as much as I have respect and admiration for those who build earthships, I think it’s pretty far out on a limb for most  people and probably unsuitable to have as part of the PDC. I think it would have been better to mention it in passing and perhaps offer a workshop on it separately for those interested. I can’t see myself building an earthship any time soon.