Phew…it’s all over!

I have now successfully completed my 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate with last Saturday’s grand finale Permablitz a roaring success. The transformation of this private backyard was truly incredible. Shona and her kids now have an amazing garden to eat, work, entertain and play in. I’d estimate we had at least 40 people volunteer (with plenty more friends of Shona’s rocking up late in the day to drink beer and watch the rest of us sweat.)

We built:

  • a mandala herb garden out front which looks amazing
  • revamped chook shed and new yard – very happy chooks!
  • four new sheet mulched garden beds on swales
  • several regeneration beds planted with lupins and other green manures
  • three new compost bays with new compost
  • a worm farm
  • a  duck pond made from a spa, with enclosure (didn’t quite get that finished)
  • a fairy garden for Shona’s kids with a bumblebee fairy scarecrow, freshly painted cubby house, window boxes and garden planted with tactile, perfumed, pretty and edible plants like mint, lavender, marigolds etc – so cute!
  • a wicking bed
  • shade structures creating a verandah for the west side of the house
Had i not got sunstroke at the end of the day and ended up on my hands and knees retching with a pounding migraine, it would have been great. Pity it ended like that for me. I felt a bit pathetic. But what can you do? It wasn’t even that hot. I think it was only supposed to get up to about 28-29 degrees but we were all working our bums off so it felt a lot hotter.
It was an incredible display of generosity and community spirit; something i’ve never been a part of before. It felt really good. I will admit to feeling a little envious of Shona though and hope that one day I too could be on the receiving end of such an event, perhaps once we’ve got a property. But that’s not the point or why we do it. Pay it forward, right?
Photos to come…