Summer…I’m over it.

Ugh, my garden is so thirsty and unhappy at the moment despite me pouring water onto it. I’m so ready for Autumn. I’ve had a disappointing crop over summer given how much work i put in in preparation for it.

Cucumbers, including lemon, apple and the regular burpless, have been prolific but the cucurbits in general (zucchini, pumpkins, cucumbers) have all suffered big time from powdery mildew. I’ve sprayed with eco-fungicide at least four times and just can’t get rid of it.

The tomatoes growth in the raised bed in the kitchen garden has been stupendous but very little fruit. So i’ve done something wrong, too much nitrogen perhaps? But i’ve hardly fertilised, in fact I thought I’d seriously neglected to fertilise so i can’t understand how i could have supplied too much nitrogen. The tomatoes under the eucalypts down the bottom have been hopeless. The whole bean, corn everything bed down there hasn’t really worked. So i won’t bother growing anything under there again. In fact, i’m in the process of ripping it all out and removing the retic. We are going to site the compost bays there instead which i think is a good spot.

The rockmelons and watermelons are coming along nicely. We’ve had one watermelon so far and just picked another which we’ve yet to open. There are HEAPS of pumpkins and rockmelons on the vines. Generally it’s been really late in the season. I thought i’d got in early but obviously not early enough. But i also overdid it and won’t be doing as big an annual garden again next year. I want to concentrate on getting as many perennials in as i can to lessen my workload.

So with Autumn on the way, I’m thinking about planting fruit trees. I have a long list which i need to refine and cull. We still plan to do the covered orchard but who knows when. At the moment we’re focused on getting a water tank in by April to catch the beginning of the rain but that is part of a bigger design that incorporates the guest suite / office and pool. A fairly large job…