Trees planted and yard blitzed – a productive weekend

Jeff and I finally had a weekend at home without any events or distractions – bliss. 

We spent Saturday doing a well-needed yard cleanup, which involved digging out the leach drain further and bricking up the sides in readiness to add the concrete lids. We’re waiting for our neighbour Tony to get back from holidays to help us dig a new pipe in and hopefully rejig the leach drain so it actually works properly instead of draining out down the hill and causing a small stream.

While Jeff did that, I weeded under the citrus and then spread the bulk bag of lupin mulch under the trees. I was very disappointed to discover that the bulk bag I bought for $220 which claimed to be equivalent to twenty-three 45 litre bags and able to cover an area of at least 50m2, covered less than half the area under my citrus grove. So expensive!
Then I mowed the lawn, pruned back the voracious plant near the path so we can actually walk down the path again and removed wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow-load of garden debris for future mulching. Our mulch pile is ridiculously high and desperately needs attention but it’s just one in a long line of jobs to do around here.
On Sunday, we planted and fenced off from kangaroos, the pecan, two Kurrajong bottle trees against the eastern boundary fence with Pete and two sheoaks along the back western boundary fence as windbreak / screens. The planting happened relatively quickly. The fencing, not so much. Ugh, i was totally exhausted, sweaty, dirty and sunburnt at the end of it. But they’re in – yay! Grow little trees grow.