Got my cooking and gardening mojo back!

I spent yesterday spring cleaning part of my pantry while dreaming of my new house that will actually have room to store it all. For the moment, I’m slowly taking over the kids’ playroom and lounge room with foodstuffs.


This is mainly beans, grains, legumes and some preserved lemons that just don’t fit in either pantry #1 or #2.

It’s getting a bit ridiculous. But I’m enjoying the revival of my cooking mojo in which I’m experimenting with more vegetarian cooking, focusing on wholefoods and using my Thermomix more. So far it had yielded lots of delicious results! It’s also going hand in hand with the burst of life Spring is bringing to my garden. I’ve definitely got my gardening mojo back too and have been slogging it outside for a couple of weeks now (in my “spare time”. 

Tony (my awesomely handy neighbour) re-gravelled the driveway and delivered a massive pile of mulch from my new favourite place for cheap landscape supplies – Red Hill Waste Management AKA, the tip. Who knew?


The new driveway and the kids playing on the mulch pile.

I’m slowly but surely mulching the entire garden, gravelling the paths in my vegie patch, erecting walk-under arbour-style trellising for beans, cucumbers etc. So much for doing less in the garden this season! I can’t help myself. I am trying to quarantine it all to the house block for ease of maintenance and water use but I’m sure it will inevitably spill out. I will have a densely packed edible garden around the house though that’s for sure.


A recent harvest – beetroot, carrots, cabbages, mandarins, oranges, lettuce, silverbeet, spring onions, pak choy.

The citrus grove has been pruned, fertilised, weeded and is ready for mulch (big job – deep breath). Then I’m going to plant melons and pumpkins under it and see how they go. My seeds have all sprouted and are slowly growing into little seedlings. I haven’t started on actually revitalising all the vegie patch garden beds yet…so much still to do. But I’m making good progress.