Itching for a concrete slab

We’re back on schedule according to the builder’s program, as opposed to being ahead of it, as we were. But how can I complain about that? Progress has been slow and steady (I’m just really impatient). The brick build-up was finished last week, filled with truckloads of river sand, then compacted ready for plumbing pre-lay, which looks like it was finished today. So we are a go go for a concrete slab on Monday. Pity it won’t be finished tomorrow as I’m dying to have a “slab on the slab” party. So bogan… but I’m just trying to fit in around these parts.

Last weekend Jeff and I spent a pretty penny at Bunnings on DIY materials to start fixing, tidying up and improving the current house in readiness for its eventual rental when the new house is completed. We’re moving the house block fence line to incorporate an awkward triangle of land that sits adjacent to the patio. It was part of my former illustrious vegie patch, which was displaced by the new driveway. Fortunately, it is north-facing and perfectly located next to the back door so it will make a delightful, albeit small herb and kitchen garden.I’m itching to plant out my herbs which I dug up and put in pots at the end of summer.

While I’m enjoying the respite of no gardening and keeping busy with a thousand other tasks, I feel somewhat lost without something to pick, plant, stake or weed. My garden is an integral part of me and my life I’ve now realised. It’s in my DNA and I can’t fight it. Why would I want to? There’s no place I’d rather be on a clear, cold, sunny winter’s day than pottering in my garden.