Stormy conditions fail to stall building progress

Mother Nature has been doing her worst of late, hurling rain and wind down on Edgefield. Freezing temperatures and frost creeping insidiously down the valley have turned my heat-loving Brazilian cherries brown and halted the early mulberry shoots in their tracks.

However, nothing is getting in the way of our builder it seems (long may it remain so). OK, so maybe last Monday the three roofing guys finally called it quits at 1.30pm before they were nearly blown off the roof altogether. It’s probably the one and only time I’ll say I’m glad they left early. Otherwise, it’s been delightfully steady progress as the pictures will attest.

When the wall frames went up, the rooms felt bigger: that odd trick of the eye / brain I remember from our last build. It’s been so exciting to finally be able to visualise and spatially understand the rooms. With his architectural training and design experience, Jeff probably never had a problem understanding the space. But despite all his wonderful 3D modelling images, which helped no end and are more than most people have when they build, nothing quite matches standing underneath vaulted roof beams to truly understand how a room is going to feel. And it feels gooood! Bring on the roof, windows and walls!