Seed sowing – third time lucky

Twice I have been thwarted by the gusty Spring wind blowing over my greenhouse and obliterating my newly germinating trays of seeds. So much for getting a jump on the growing season. However, I am not to be outdone. When my Diggers seeds order arrived in the mail, I thought third time lucky and went through my seed bank in its entirety and planted out almost everything that’s in season. I have NOWHERE to put it all so it’s utterly ridiculous but I just can’t help myself. “Can’t keep a good gardener down,” Jeff said laughing at me. I figure I have the time it takes for them to grow into seedlings to get some more garden beds built and prepared. Dream on.

Most are open pollinated heirloom seeds. Here’s my list, planted on 11 Oct 2014:

  1. Sunflowers – 1 tray
    1. ‘Diggers Sunshine’
    2. ‘Evening Sun’
    3. ‘Double Dazzler’
  2. Eggplant
    1. ‘Listada di Gandia’
    2. ‘Long Purple’
  3. Capsicum
    1. ‘Seven Colour’ mix
    2. ‘Bull’s Horn’
  4. Chilli ‘Joe’s Long Cayenne’
  5. Tomatoes
    1. ‘Pink Bumblebee’
    2. 10 Heirloom mix
    3. Currant mix
  6. Rockmelon
    1. ‘Ananas’
    2. ‘Delice de la Table’
    3. ‘Ha-Ogen’
  7. Watermelon
    1. ‘Mountain Sweet Yellow’
    2. ‘Sugar Baby’
  8. Zucchini ‘Trombocino’
  9. Cucumber ‘Richmond Green Apple’
  10. Beans
    1. ‘Baby Sun’ (bush)
    2. ‘Golden Pole Wax’ (climbing/pole)
    3. ‘Purple King’ (climbing/pole)
    4. ‘Blue Lake’ (climbing/pole)
  11. Pumpkin
    1. ‘Wee B Little’
    2. ‘Waltham Butternut’
    3. ‘Butternut’
    4. ‘Buttercup’
    5. Chilacayote (perennial pumpkin)
  12. Spaghetti Squash
  13. Lemon balm
  14. Tarragon
  15. Basil
  16. Dill
  17. Coriander
  18. Spinach Bloomsdale
  19. Tamarillo
  20. Passionfruit
  21. Cape Gooseberry
  22. Chamomile
  23. Custard Apple
  24. Pyrethrum Daisy
  25. Russell Lupins
  26. Blue Agastache
  27. Marigold Red Marietta