Edgefield’s water strategy is taking shape

Slowly but surely we’re making progress on our water strategy for Edgefield. Sounds easy, right? In reality, it’s been probably the most challenging and complex problem we’ve yet had to solve. There’s plenty of water in the Hills, plenty AROUND us, but no reliable and accessible sources actually available right here where we need it. Frustrating for this impatient gardener with big ambitions.

So after MUCH deliberation and not a lot of progress, we engaged Nigel Thompson of Earth and Water to design us the most efficient system using what limited available resources we had. This is draft two and i’m getting excited that we’re nearly there on the planning phase. Next comes the quote for all the hard costs and labour for installation. I am bracing myself ‘cos it’s gonna hurt!


Thankfully Jeff and I are on the same page about all this and committed to investing in this infrastructure to support our dreams of an abundant and beautiful garden. At the end of it, we will have:

  • a 49,000L steel rainwater tank plumbed to the house for drinking water (with a back up to the reticulation system)
  • a 5,000L holding tank for the wells and a water conditioning device
  • 2 x existing wells plumbed to the reticulation system
  • a reticulation system to the entire block – veggie patch, two orchard areas, planters and baskets around the house, perimeter gardens, THE WORKS! It will utilise, in order:
    1. well water
    2. rainwater tank
    3. scheme water

I am pushing hard to get it all in and functional before Christmas. It has to be. We are going away down south for two weeks and we have arranged house-sitters to look after things for us and promised them the garden would be minimal work, which at the moment it’s definitely NOT.

Boy, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks on the downhill slide to Christmas!