Sun shine on!

5kW solar power system installed at Edgefield

Just a little bit excited about the 20 new solar panels and 5kW Fronius inverter fitted on our house today by Solargain. It’s been a long-held dream and a very big box ticked on our journey towards making Edgefield as sustainable as possible.

Immediately, the system is producing 4199 watts at 1.30pm on this lovely sunny day, the first day of summer. I’m told that is a lot of power but I really need to get my head around it. To that end we also decided to buy a Smart Meter so we can monitor our power generation and consumption. It has yet to be fitted but it will be a great way to track which appliances use the most power.

Knowing we were going to install PV, we also decided to install two split system air-conditioners (in the office and the main living room), which we hope this 5kW system should be able to run. While the house performs remarkably well in summer without additional cooling (better than in winter), the split systems should hopefully just take the edge off and make working in the north-facing office more pleasant when it’s sweltering outside. There’s nothing worse than working on a computer for hours with sweat trickling down your back. Yuck!

Next week the guys from Earth and Water should be here to install the reticulation system and then we’ll REALLY be in business (and we’ll be totally broke!) Onwards and upwards.