Day 1: water installation begins

Day 1: Trenching, pipes + pumps

“My God, the place is destroyed…in a good way.”

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally making tangible progress on turning our water strategy at Edgefield into reality. And it’s a dirty, messy, destructive business.

An excavator spent the morning digging trenches for water pipes and electrical cable in a ring around the house. A little more rain and we’d have a moat! The white/orange clay at about 400-500mm deep is ridiculous! I could line a dam with it. Little wonder I opted for raised vegie beds.

The 5,000L holding tank is now in place on the western boundary and it will be fitted with a pump and a water conditioning device to improve the quality of the well water, which currently has too much salt and iron to use on my vegies. I don’t pretend to truly understand how the device works (and many doubt that it does). But suffice to say, the proof will be in the pudding!

We tested the new zippedy-do-da Grundfos submersible well pump and pumped out all the water from the wells in order to also test their recharge capability. Please God let them recharge within 24 hours or else this entire operation is based on a false assumption. So far so good…