Abundance in Gidgegannup

At the invitation of a dear old school friend, we recently headed to her glorious farm ‘Lilydale’ in Gidgegannup (15 minutes from Edgefield in Mundaring) for a divine afternoon of swimming, eating, drinking, lazing and chatting.

Of course, no visit to Lilydale is complete without a stickybeak at her incredibly abundant covered orchard of  which I readily admit to being more than a little envious. Whenever I visit, there is seemingly always something in fruit and today it was Satsuma plums. Dark red, juicy and sweet, they were delicious and despite feeling totally stuffed from a magnificent lunch, I ate two.

There was plenty more developing fruit waiting in the wings too.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the ingenious yet simple method by which they are training their young trees into an open shape. Painstakingly tying each outer branch with string and weighting it to a brick or stone to bend the supple branches, George says it only takes a few weeks for them to become rigid and fixed into their new position. This helps with airflow, which in turn helps to reduce fungal problems. It also opens up the tree into a nice shape and makes it more accessible.

The massive covered orchard is located a short drive from the house on this bucolic 50-acre property and irrigated from a dam that sits slightly above it. Until recently the chooks were left to free range in the orchard but foxy loxy discovered them and the remaining four are now back up near the house in the chook pen. Given the obvious benefits to having the chooks in the orchard (cleaning up rotten fruit, weeding/scratching, eating fruit fly larvae and other pests, manuring the trees) George would like to build a new chook house adjoining the orchard in which the chooks can be safely locked up at night but have free range access to the orchard during the day.

She also has a Warre beehive nearby and they have plans to create a large covered vegetable patch next. A cool room is also on the agenda to enable them to butcher their small flock of Dorper sheep. Not a bad set up really!

Oh and did I mention what a magnificent homestead it is? Surrounded by spectacular, mature deciduous and evergreen trees, lush lawn, avocado trees groaning with fruit, lavender fields, pool, tennis court and parkland cleared paddocks, this is a delightful place in which to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon.