The scourge of being organised

I have a list. Actually I have many lists. I even have CATEGORIES for lists. Part of me thinks that’s a sad, sorry little confession and part of me is unrepentant, even proud of my anal organisational streak.

My problem is that the lists never seem to get any shorter no matter how hard I work. They brood silently, accusingly, ready for me whenever I open the Reminders or ShopShop app on my phone/computer.

I would happily write in this blog several times a week because I love to write but, alas, it sits low on my priority list. Events, milestones and achievements come and go at Edgefield and they often go undocumented. So  I started yet another list. This one is a reminder list of all the blog posts I want(ed) to write that may never see the light of day, some of which are already redundant.

  • The ongoing reticulation conundrum
  • The Great Chook Yard Clean Out
  • Blueberries and the east orchard plantings
  • Chicken medicinal herb garden
  • Garden Planner software
  • Homesteading – beetroot relish, basil pesto, watermelon ice blocks, lime juice
  • Bio-fumigation with mustard
  • Autumn planting

So even if I never manage to write another word on the above subjects, I’ll know that I have indeed been doing something, in fact, rather a lot, in the past month. Of course, the busier I am, the more I have to write about, in less time. It’s a cruel irony.