A healthy addiction

I am addicted to buying seeds. I don’t need any more; have way more than I can possibly sow or plant. But I go a little giddy when the gardening porn (Diggers Club annual seed catalogue) arrives in the mail. It whispers at the possibility of wildly abundant garden beds overflowing with rampant greenery, bursting with colour, heady with scents and promises of late summer harvests of ripe tomatoes.

I went a little crazy on my last Diggers Club order and my seed bank is now bursting at the seams. I have decided not to renew my Diggers Club membership, hence the large final order, for several reasons:

  • The cost of postage and quarantine to WA is prohibitively expensive.
  • A large proportion of the products are not available in WA, thanks again to strict quarantine laws.
  • The Diggers Club is very Victoria-centric. While it professes to cater for the whole country, it is quite obviously targeted at the east coast (largely VIC and NSW).
  • It makes sense to buy seeds and plants acclimated to WA conditions (a world away from comparatively cool climate Melbourne) as they will thrive from the outset.

Now I have all these seeds, I actually have to DO something with them…