National Fair Food Week 7-16 Oct

What is Fair Food Week?

Coordinated by the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), Australia’s Fair Food Week shines a light on our new story of food. From the 7th-16th October 2017 you will discover events across the country that will attract, intrigue and entertain you:

  • community garden tours and workshops
  • forums — workshops — speakers
  • farmers’ fairs — farm tours
  • films — food swaps — and more, much more.

Events in WA

As part of national Fair Food Week, Albany is playing host to the Food For Thought Festival and we are heading down to the Great Southern region for a few days to get in amongst it.

These types of events and the organisations that host them, such as the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, are where I want to focus my energies and hopefully carve out a niche for myself. What that will look like as yet I have no idea. And I’m under no illusions that breaking into a new industry, even in a familiar marketing communications capacity, will be a cinch. So I am reading, researching, following, talking, networking and getting involved wherever possible.

While the Masters degree in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing that I plan to undertake in 2019 in Italy will be my springboard into the food industry, I figure there’s nothing stopping me making connections now that may very well serve me well down the track.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to attend a 4-course long table dinner by Fervor