Urban and Regional Food Declaration

During a chat with the Director of the Food For Thought Festival in Albany, I was given a copy of the “Urban and Regional Food Declaration” produced by Sustain: The Australian Food Network.

The Declaration seeks to promote the local production and consumption of healthy and sustainable food. It also seeks to change attitudes, policies and legislation around food based on ethics, food security, health and well-being, and urban and regional livelihoods.

I have often had trouble clearly communicating my interests in and passion for the sustainable food sector generally, which is ironic given that I’m a communications consultant. I think it stems a little from low self-esteem (What do I know? I’m no expert. Who’s going to listen to me?) and I feel that most of the time my audience has lukewarm interest at best. Also I don’t want to appear like a zealot on a soapbox so I play down and dumb down my thoughts and feelings.

However, I think this Declaration is a succinct, coherent, necessary and timely message for our times. So whoever has an interest in promoting or supporting a healthy, fair, ethical, sustainable food system, I strongly encourage you read this two-page document and, if you’re a business, put your name to it.

Sustain declaration image