Last Views from the Rear-view Mirror

I’m still coming to terms with having to postpone our plans to go to Italy (and me doing a Masters at UNISG) by a year due to boring financial realities. However, reading blogs like this about the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the incredible experiential food adventure it offers gives my drink the fizz it needs and helps me refocus on the end goal. Wait for me Italy, I’m coming!

When I arrived in this sleepy little town in the middle of farm fields, I had no idea everything the next nine months would entail. To be honest, I really didn’t know what I was studying exactly (the only idea I had, turned out to be kinda, a bit, pretty much wrong).  I had 150 pounds of belongings, and a big empty apartment.  

Mostly I just found a delicious environment.  That was the best part of this whole experience.  I may not have gotten the rigorous graduate school that required spending every night up late working.  But here nights were spent more hands on, up late enjoying the newest producers vintage of Dolcetto.  The education was in the experience, the network of UNISG, and the opportunities it provided.

The past year changed my food perspective entirely.  I arrived a woman who just liked to eat delicious food, now I’m…

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