I pomodori magnifici

Getting into the spirit of all things Italian is easy when you’re harvesting these magnificent beauties from your garden.

Oh how I love this time of year in my garden when all the hard work comes to fruition! It’s been especially lovely as it’s been a comparatively mild summer this year (touch wood).

But damn, organic tomatoes are indeed hard work when each tomato needs to be individually bagged or the plant netted to protect it from rampant Mediterranean fruit fly. When I’m out there sweating in the sun, bugs crawling on me, wrestling a vigorous climber into submission against unwieldy stakes, I often wonder what the hell I’m doing it all for. And then I am reminded.

Last night I had bruschetta (and a crisp Sav Blanc) for dinner:

  • Locally made sourdough loaf (thank you Breadwinner Bakehouse)
  • Homegrown heirloom tomatoes
  • Freshly picked basil
  • Danish fetta
  • Extra virgin local olive oil
  • Vino cotto and balsamic vinegar
  • Maldon sea salt and cracked pepper

Sometimes you just don’t want to mess with simple perfection.

IMG_4849 2