Fecund figs

Ooh, it just sounds sexy doesn’t it? And figs, they look like, well, we all know what they look like. But pulling apart a soft, ripe fig, warm from the sun and tasting its sweet flesh…it’s a revelation.

Summer’s bounty knows no bounds when you live in a place like Perth. This year’s mild summer is an especially welcome respite from the usual stifling heat and my garden is showing its gratitude with basket after basket of mouth-watering produce.

I’m struggling to keep on top of it to be honest. A nice problem to have I admit, but one that takes time to properly manage. Homesteading is an largely enjoyable but incredibly time-consuming task. The rewards are wonderful ,especially when you’re a foodie like me, but when life is full with work, kids and all the rest, the enjoyment sometimes turns into a chore.


My very unstyled, un-Photoshopped snap of my kitchen bench this afternoon – tomatoes, chillies, pumpkins, figs, pomegranate all fighting for space.

Still, our Thursday night family dinner, which derailed my work plans, was the result of an overflowing bounty of goodness that spilled out onto our alfresco area. We ate barbecued eggplant and zucchini with slow-roasted oven-baked tomato sauce and steamed green beans while watching the tops of the trees turn golden in the fading light (we decided there had to be a word for that). Then we played 44 Home and rolled on the grass with the boys till it got dark.

And it was good.