My name is Jo. I’m a mum to two young boys, a self-employed communications consultant and, like many women my age, a million other things too. I started in journalism but have spent my career working in corporate communications and marketing, cultivating an expertise in the property, environment and sustainability sectors. I now enjoy working largely from home for a diverse mix of clients, blogging, freelance writing, gardening and developing skills of resilience on my property (oh, and being a mum.)

I want to tread lightly on the earth by learning how to live more sustainably.

The Edgefield blog began in 2009 as a personal record of my quiet revolution, kickstarted by my discovery of permaculture, and fed by my passion for gardening, which had lain dormant in my green blood all my life. At the time, we were still living in an inner city suburb but made a tree change to a 1-acre property in the Perth Hills in 2011. So the blog morphed into a way to document the journey we’re taking in developing our property, Edgefield, into a beautiful, sustainable home and a cornucopia of edible delights.

I want to grow, cook and share real food with my family and friends.

A foodie through and through, my love for edible gardening is matched only by my desire to cook and eat my homegrown produce (preferably at a long table lunch laden with bottles of fabulous wine, groaning with delicious food and shared with all my favourite people.) But food has slowly begun to mean more to me than just eating well.

I want to support and contribute to sustainable, ethical and ecological food systems.

More recently, I’ve decided to follow my passions properly and change the direction of my career to focus on the sustainable food industry and how I can contribute to the kind of world I want to live in. To that end, I’m taking a big leap and will move my family to Italy for a year so I can undertake a Master in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piedmont, Italy in 2019.

I hope you enjoy following the adventure here on Edgefield.